Friends of Tombstone - November 2001

Cousins Third Cousins, Once Removed

Frankie, great grand daughter of Frank and Tom's yougest sister, and CP, great, great grandson of their oldest brother. Although we've been trading McClaughry information for over five years, this was the first time we met.

For fun (and a shameless plug for my website), I made iron-on transfers for the gathering.

Boothill Although my trips to Tombstone have been nothing but enjoyable, I always make time to reflect on the real reason I visit. Having invested so much time in research, I can't but help feeling some empathy for the brothers and their proud family.

Paying respect to fallen kinfolk. On the last night of the Celtic festival of Samhain, with the sun setting behind us, we met at Boothill to perform a Celtic burial practice of spreading soil from the place of birth upon the deceased grave. A NY researcher brought this unique idea and provided soil from Delaware County, NY, where the brothers were born. According to Celtic tradition, homeland soil sprinkled over the grave aids the spirits to be at rest. Paying respects

Celtic ceremony

As a last minute eulogy, we decided on the last paragraph from the brother's great, great, grandfather, Thomas McClaughry's memoir.

"After a great deal of hard labor we are all now by the good providence of God settled in a good part of the country & considering all circumstances as good as we can expect. It is my desire and wish that you keep together as much as possible and work and advise each other for your spiritual & temporal good & be free with each other after my death as well as before. And if you can raise the money by selling your farms or otherwise so as to buy the right of soil you can do so in this country as well as in any other & and remember if you should go to some remote part of the country where you would not have instruction for your families you might grieve as I have done."

Can't a couple of McLaury's enjoy a little time in town without a bunch of Earps getting in the way? Despite their infamous pedigree, we became fast friends with these descendants of Newton Jasper Earp, Wyatt's older half-brother. McLaurys and Earps

Hamming it up Caught these two hombres skulking over by Les Moore's grave. As the saying goes: Keep yer friends close and yer enemies closer.

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