Welcome to the McLaury Brothers of Tombstone website. I am a great, great, grand nephew of Frank and Tom McLaury and have always had a keen interest in their story. The website is an offshoot, but independant of my McClaughry Genealogy project. This website is an attempt to glean fact from legend, to offer a different historical perspective of the events leading to the most famous gunfight in the Old West, and hopefully, to have a little fun in the process.
This website is under construction... and still quite aways from completion.

Table of Contents

McLaury History Page The McLaury's story, from Ireland to Tombstone. Includes info on key Tombstone people.
Tombstone Book and Movie Review My Tombstone Book and Movie Review.
Miscelaneous Facts Miscelaneous facts (and otherwise) that just didn't fit anywhere else. Working on it.
McLaury Media Gallery Some photos of Tombstone and soundbite from Tombstone movies.
NEW! Friends of Tombstone Gathering - November 2001
Links Links to some great websites.
Tombstone McLaury Forum I gave up on my forum. Instead, try BJ's Tombstone History Discussion Forum (this link will take you another website).
McClaughry Genealogy Website My website dedicated to the line of Thomas McClaughry. Note: Information on Frank and Tom's family tree can be found in Thomas Jr. (3.4) link. You will be leaving this website when clicking this link.

To Paul L. Johnson for contributing above images of Frank and Tom,
for his historical support and his honest critiques.

This website is meant solely for historical information and entertainment. I have not received any finacial assistance
for creating this website.
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