Friends of Tombstone - November 2001

The Gunfighters of the Old West (continued)

The ball is open. In a deadly pall of gun smoke the Earp side takes action. Virgil and Morgan take hits as Doc Holliday changes his position. Shootout

Frank about to push daisies Terminally gutshot, Frank stumbles as he tries to evade a stalking Doc Holliday. With one last surge of life, Frank tells Doc, "I got you now." "You're a daisy if you do." Doc laconically replies as he takes aim.

Finally the true accounting of the Gunfight at the OK Corral!

Not wont to play favorites, the troupe shows the true account... er, the "Cowboy Version" of the shootout. With the valiant and self-sacrificing Ike about to despoil the evil Earp gangs stagecoach robbing deeds, wicked Wyatt plots to silence the righteous ranchmen. With hands in the air, the McLaurys and Clantons humbly submit to the law of the town... as crooked as it was.
The Cowboy version

How it really happened! Then, without warning, wicked Wyatt and the nefarious Earp brothers yank their hoglegs and start blazing away. A startled and drunken Doc Holliday drops his shotgun which discharges and shoots Tom. Wild-eyed Wyatt, who had never actually been in a real gunfight, sprays lead, in the process wounding his own brothers!

The "Cowboy Version" was the gut-buster of a well-done performance.

A top-rate performance. Actors and spectators mingle to discuss the event. A job well done

Cowboy gang The Cowboy Gang. Left to right: Billy Claiborne, Billy Clanton, Tom McLaury, Frank McLaury, Ike Clanton, and Brad, the troupe's director.

Finally, a McLaury gets to shoot the Earps. The Earp gang of the Old West Reinactors stands with descendants of Newton Jasper Earp. The Earp Gang

McLaurys Direct descendant of Frank and Tom's Father standing with the Old West Reinactors. CP, Frank McLaury, Frankie, and Tom McLaury.

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