Friends of Tombstone - November 2001

Gunfighters of the Old West

Gunfighters of the Old West.
A class-act troupe from the San Fransisco area. Their dedication to detail in dress and performance was outstanding. And a fun group to hang out with. Sure wish I had my camera at Big Nose Kate's Saloon when Camillus Fly and Virgil Earp did a karaoke duet of "I Got You Babe", while "Wyatt's" wife was dancing in the window sill.

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Old West Reinactors

Earps arrest Clanton An innebriated and irritated Ike out hunting Earps. At least until Virgil cuffs Clanton's cranium and carts him off to court.

Tom takes exception to Wyatt abuse of Ike Clanton. Wyatt takes exception of Tom and slaps him upside the head with his shooter. Wyatt slaps Tom upside the head

No Loitering! No Loitering!                                     

The walk that made Wyatt Earp an American icon. With Sheriff Behan bravely hanging back, the Earps pass the OK Corral to face the Ranchers... er, dastardly Cowboy gang in a vacant lot by Camillus Fly's photography studio. The Walk

The stand-off The fateful seconds before the lead starts flying.

Icthy trigger fingers on one or both sides starts the most famous gunfight in American history. Earp's-a-killin'

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