Friends of Tombstone - November 2001
Some Highlights

Questions and Answers

A major highlight for serious, and not so serious researcher were the daily Q&A sessions held in the Schieffelin Hall. Panelist included a wide assortment of noted authors, researchers, and aficionados of the genre.
Schieffelin Hall

panelists Heavyweights of the field. With the huge amount of accumulated knowledge present in the hall, some of the Q&A's lasted several hours (those wooden benches were damn uncomfortable) covering every facet we could think of.

During one session, Tombstone Mayor Dustin Escapule was presented a check for $250 and books for the library from the authors in attendance. Mayor of Tombstone


Mayor Escapule graciously accepts the donations to the town. The books donated to the library were "Inventing Wyatt Earp: His Life and Many Legends" by Allen Barra, "Bucking the Tiger" by Bruce Olds, "John Ringo: The Gunfighter Who Never Was" by Jack Burrows, "Dust Devil" by SJ Reidhead, and "Catherine's Travels: Book I" by Adele Marie Crouch.

The Walk

Not just a walk but The Walk. The crowd quickly swelled with tourists as noted researcher Jeff Morey narated a step-by-step account of the events leading up to the shoot-out.
The Walk

They had Spurs that Jingled-Jangled-Jingled. Traffic was hard put as tourist and local, townie and cowboy participated in the Walk.

With Spangenberg's Gun Shop in the background, Morey walks the crowd through the goings-on of the Earps and the ranchers along Allen street. Not everyone was appreciative of attention given to narrative. One of the many local Wyatt Earps, with a sour look on his face, was standing next to me as I took this shot... maybe he was waiting for the "cowboy" version too! The Walk

The Walk The Walk made it's way to the actual site of the shoot-out. Here, Jeff Morey recounted in exacting detail, the gunfight and it's aftermath.

At Don T's The final night together, we gathered at Don T's mexican Restaurant for a festive dinner.. At Don T's

At Don T's The end of a mememorable week, with fond farewells and promises of making the next Friends of Tombstone gathering. At Don T's

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