Friends of Tombstone - November 2001

The Gitt Wired Internet Cafe

A shiny new nugget in the town. Gitt Wired provides a needed modern outlet for tourists who use the Intenet daily. Darn good double mochas too! A fast growing web-location for Tombstone information and news.

A special thanks to the owners who were able to provde Internet and video services that was unavailable any closer than 30 miles away.

Go to Gitt Wired Internet Cafe
Gitt Wired Internet Cafe

Adobe Lodge Motel Adobe Lodge Motel.
All of the events... and tail-gate parties were organised down the street at the Larian Motel, but I got in some good sleeping at the Adobe Lodge.

The Dragoon Mts. from outside of my room at the adobe Lodge Motel. Dragoon Mts from my room

Tombstone Courthouse Tombstone Courthouse.

Built in 1882 and intended to be the location of the newly formed Cochise County seat. Tombstone later lost it's county seat bid in favor of Bisbee.

OK Corral
Outside the OK Corral on a beautiful November day.
OK Corral

Birdcage Theatre The Birdcage Theatre

Of course, I just couldn't come back from Tombstone without a ghost story or photo, so here is mine. Note the ghost on the stage in the left picture and a closeup in the right picture. See it! See it! I swear it looks just like Eddie Foy... or Josephine Marcus... yeah, that's it... Sadie Marcus!
Oooh. Scary.

Big Nose Kate's Saloon

Formerly the place of the Grand Hotel, Big Nose Kate's is one of the famous drinking holes for cowboys and townies alike.
Big Nose Kate's Saloon

Schieffelin Hall Schieffelin Hall

The oldest two-story abobe building in America. This was the town hub for cultural entertainment. Morgan Earp enjoyed his last few hours on Earth here prior to being killed by an asassins bullet.

The decorative ceiling of Schieffelin Hall. The ambience of the old building was thick. I was told it is tradition to bid "Uncle" Ed Schieffelin a good night upon leaving the hall. Schieffelin Hall Ceiling

Downtown Downtown Tombstone, Allen Street. Wyatt Earp was standing just a few feet from this location, watching the Mclaurys and Clantons make their way from saloon and stables to Spangenberg Gun Shop, and eventually to the vacant lot near the OK Corral's back entrance.

Looking at the OK Corral attraction from across Allen Street. OK Corral

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