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This page has a few poorly taken photos of my one and only trip to Tombstone.
I would have had one more roll of pictures to select from...
if I hadn't lost my camera in Tucson on the last day!

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The Dragoons from Tombstone.
This photo was taken from my room at the Adobe Lodge Motel on Fremont St. Having just come from a soggy-Seattle area, I thought I was in Heaven. Of course, it was only March and I've never enjoyed a Tombstone Summer.

Allen Street
The only shot I got of Tombstone! My timing was terrible and only got pictures of Tombstone and Boothill when the lighting was bad. I had almost a whole roll of film dedicated to the town... until I lost my camera.

Billy, Frank and Tom's graves
I paid respects to the kin-folk at least twice a day while I was there (half the time just trying to get a good picture!!). I've talked myself into believing it was the wind in the trees and my imagination but, damned if I didn't hear a barely audible whispering voice in my ear while standing here by myself one of the days.
I did see some spirits too. But that was a the Crystal Palace & Big Nose Kates!

Despite it saying "O.K. Corral", this is the actual location of the gunfight, several yards from the corral's back gate. The vacant lot is now walled off from Fremont St. and is part of the O.K. Corral attraction.

Frank, Tom, Ike and Billy Claiborne.
Looks like someone's been hanging on Tom a little too much. I listened to a presentation about the fight where the cowboy-orator mentioned Frank and Tom's brother from Texas... named Robert McLaury. I had to bite my tongue to keep from correcting him while he was doing his job.
(Frank and Tom's brother from Fort Worth was Will McLaury, not Robert.)

The same model of hearse that carried Frank, Tom and Billy to their final resting place. Located in the OK Corral.

You can see Frank and Tom die with their boots on several times daily. Cowboys and Lawmen whoop it up in several wild and wooly western skits at the OK Corral show.

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