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Some key members that made
up the alleged "Cowboy Gang".

Ike Clanton
Billy Clanton
"Old Man" Clanton
"Curly" Bill Brocius
Johnny Ringo


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Joseph Isaac Clanton    aka: Ike Clanton
Born: 1847 in Callaway County, Missouri
Died: 1887 near Springerville, Arizona
Trade: Rancher
Craven coward or rough-and-tumble roustabout? Ike Clanton has been portrayed as both over the decades. Certainly, he was the final catalyst in the events that led to the shootout.
Ike managed to dodge Earp bullets during the gunfight and Wyatt's ride of revenge afterwards. But he wasn't able to dodge a bullet given to him by Jonas V. Brighton six years later.
Terry "Ike" Clanton, kin to Ike and leader of the Notorious Clanton Gang website, believes he has found the grave of Ike Clanton. He is currently on a drive to have the body exhumed and placed next to his father and brother in Boothill. For more information, see the Notorius Clanton Gang website (Note: You will be leaving this site by clicking this link.)
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William Harrison Clanton         aka: Billy Clanton
Born: 1862 in Hamilton County, TX.
Died: 26 October 1881, Tombstone, Arizona
Trade: Rancher
The youngest of the Clanton boys. It's noted that Billy first met and befriended Frank and Tom at the Jones ranch - formerly owned by Old Man Clanton. - along the Gila River near Camp Thomas.
Billy has been known as a hard worker and a big, loutish figure . He wasn't innocent young man by any stretch of the word; he was caught by Wyatt Earp in posession of of Wyatt's stolen horse.
By most accounts, Billy was trying to get his brother out of Tombstone the day of the shootout. When the shooting commenced, Billy did not back down from the renoun gunfighters and lawmen. Although shot through his shooting arm, Billy transfered his pistol and continued fighting. Even after the shooting had ceased, Billy was asking for another pistol. Billy lies in Boothill with Frank and Tom one side and his father on the other.
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Newman Haynes Clanton     aka: Old Man Clanton
Born: 1816 in Davidson County, Tennessee
Died: 1 August 1881 in New Mexico
Trade: Farmer, Rancher
The patriarch of the Clanton family. Alleged Leader of the (alleged) "Cowboy Gang." Aside from a well-documented genealogy on Old Man Clanton (see the Notorious Clanton Gang website), little more than speculation is known about the man. Although never charged, he was rumored to have been involved in many nefarious deeds between 1879 and 1881.
In early August, 1881, a mule train of Mexican smugglers was ambushed in Skeleton Canyon. Word spread that Old Man Clanton and his sons were among the ambushers. Twelve days later, in an apparent retaliation, Mexican ambushers snuck up to a group of sleeping cowboys including Old Man Clanton, in Guadalupe Canyon and opened fire. Clanton was gunned down and fell over the fire where he was rustling up some breakfast.
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William Brocius     aka: Curly Bill, William Graham
Born: ?
Died: 24 March, 1882, near Iron Springs, Arizona.
Profession: Cowboy

Soundbite   Powers Boothe hamming it up as Curly Bill in the motion picture, Tombstone.
One of the most colorful bandits of the Old West. Flamboyant, reckless, generous to some, but devil-to-pay when drunk. Legend has Curly Bill commiting such outrageous act ranging from forcing a group of partiers to strip and dance for him at gunpoint to cold-blooded murder. Curly's killing of Sheriff Fred White and the harsh arrest at the hands of the Earps afterwards was a major event leading to the gunfight.
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John Ringo     aka: Johnny Ringo, John Ringold
Born: 5 May, 1850
Died: c. July 1882, Arizona
Trade: Cowboy
Cultured, educated, a cold blooded killer with a fast gun and a deathwish. Johnny Ringo has been portrayed as the cowboys "Doc Holliday". Ringo's major contribution to the Tombstone story came months after Wyatt's Venegence Ride. Johnny was found propped up against a tree with a bullet in his head. The cause of his death was ruled as suicide, but stories have Wyatt sneaking back into Arizona and killing the last of the Cowboys, himself.
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