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1: "The Families McClaughry" by Rev. Lyle Mac Laury. Published by Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, New York, 1986.    Also,   
"Genealogy of the Mc Claughry Family" by C.C. Mc Claughry. Published privately, Anamosa, Iowa, 1913.
*****I've had the good fortune to come into contact with the author's family of the 1986 book and they have copies for sale. Please email me if you are interested.

2: US Census and military war records found at National Archives (Seattle branch).

3: The Will McLaury Letters New York Historical Society. Other source: Wichita State University, Special Collections: Ross McLaury Taylor Papers, MS 86-24.

4:From the Paul L. Johnson collection.
See Were the McLaurys Leaving Tombstone? by Paul L. Johnson, on the WOLA website. Go to menu "WOLA features".

5: Arizona Department of Library, Archives & Public Records. Archives Division. 1700 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ, Arizona 85007.

6: "History of Washington County, NY. The Gibson Papers, Old Families, Graves and Graveyards of Washington Co." Compiled by William H. Hill. Published by The Washington Co. Historical Society, 1955.

7: The source of this letter is currently unknown. My sister (the family genealogist) received a typed copy of it that had passed through several relatives hands. We are currently trying to track down originals (or photocopies of the originals) if they still exist.

8:" Cape Cod Ahoy" by Arthur Wilson Tarbell. Published by Little Brown & Co., Boston, Mass, 1934.

9: "The Surnames of Ireland", by Edward MacLysaght. 1973.

10: "Henry Clay Hooker and the Sierra Bonita Ranch", by Lynn R. Bailey. Westernlore Press, 1998.

11: The Melvin Jones manuscript (Arizona Historical Society)

12: "We'll All Wear Silk Hats", by Lynn R. Bailey. Westernlore Press, 1994.

13: "Wyatt Earp, The Life Behind the Legend", by Casey Terertiller. John Wiley and Sons, 1997.

14: "When All Roads Led to Tombstone", by John Plesant Gray, Edited and annotated by W. Lane Rogers. Tamarack Books, 1998.

15: "The O.K. Corral Inquest" Edited by Alford E. Turner, Creative Publishing Co., 1981. ALSO: "Transcripts from the Earp-Holliday Trial" State of Arizona Dept. of Library, Archives and Public Records (ph.# 602-542-4402).

16: The Tombstone Daily Nugget. The Bancroft Library, Berkley, CA. and Arizona Historical Society, Tucson, AZ.

17: "A Tenderfoot in Tombstone" by George Whitwell Parsons, edited and annotated by Lynn R. Bailey, Westernlore Press, 1996.

18: "Apache Days & Tombstone Nights" by John Clum, Edited by Neil B. Carmony. High-Lonesome Books, 1997.

19: "Helldarado, Bringing Law to the Mesquite" by William M. Breakenridge, 1928. Edited by Richard Maxwell Brown.University of Nebraska Press,1992.

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