This site is dedicated to the unique craftsmanship of Puzzle boxes. Traditional puzzleboxes use hidden sliding panels that are moved sequentially in order to solve the puzzle and open the box. Others can use variations of panels, pins and/or magnets. Many are inlaid with the beautiful and intricate art of Yosegi-Zaiku Marquetry (shown on Izumiya website).
I've been interested in puzzleboxes since I was a little kid when my dad brought one home from Southeast Asia. When I finally got online, I used search engines to try to locate puzzleboxes, both new & antiques. So far it's been pitifully disappointing. Type "puzzlebox" on any search engine and you're inundated with 1000's of hits for the movie Hellraiser. So I decided to create a link for myself in hopes of collecting information concerning puzzleboxes. Here are the only hits I've found so far. Please e-mail me (see below) if you have any information on links and purchasing of puzzleboxes. I am especially interested in find out about the history (histories) of puzzlebox craftsmanship.

If you would like to see a description of my collection, help me to identify the artist of two of my puzzleboxes or see puzzleboxes by private artisans, go to my Puzzlebox Gallery

Puzzlebox Links
tball.gif 1.7 KCleverwood Crafts Woodworks "Finest Quality Wooden Puzzles". A very nice selection of handmade wooden puzzles by Kathleen & Charlie Malcolmson and high quality Yosegi puzzleboxes made by master craftsmen of Hakone, Japan! Huge new website filled with puzzle information and news.
tball.gif 1.7 KBits & Pieces Home PageMail order catalog that includes several puzzleboxes (along with wooden, metal & jigsaw puzzles). Handmade Kamei & Yosegi models along with some reasonably priced production pieces. Have them mail you the free catalog for the best selection.
tball.gif 1.7 K Heartwood Creations Beautiful inlaid puzzleboxes. Unique puzzle solutions. I'm having a hard time keeping from tearing them apart so I can figure how they work! Call the toll free number (on their page) to find out where to find their boxes in your area.
tball.gif 1.7 K Pandora's Puzzleboxes Featuring a whimsical selection of finely crafted wood puzzle boxes from Costa Rica.
tball.gif 1.7 K NEW! Intriguing wooden gifts featuring Japanese puzzle boxes, trick,secret,spin and knock puzzle boxes,Puzzle Jewelry boxes.
tball.gif 1.7 K Izumiya. Yosegizaiku Traditional Craft A Hakone Marquetry Store. Beautiful multi-step (some up to 60 steps) Yosegi puzzleboxes from Hakone Japan! English text pages are now online!
tball.gif 1.7 K The World of Karakuri Introducing Akio Kamei's world of Karakuri Trick Boxes. A fun, interactive site.
tball.gif 1.7 K Tinder Box Trading Company Puzzle and Jewelry Boxes Hand Crafted for Distinct Gifts.
tball.gif 1.7 K Barouke - Exotic Woods Etc. Barouke is a specialty exotic woods gift-store situated on the Cape Fear River in the heart of historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.
tball.gif 1.7 I almost didn't want to add this link... you may be my next competitor. But, the Ebay online auction house is the place to find new and antique puzzleboxes.
tball.gif 1.7 KStump Works Hand-crafted puzzleboxes from the forests of West Virginia. Unique shapes and designs.
tball.gif 1.7 K Completely Bonkers New link to Japanese Yosegi and Heartwood puzzleboxes. First European website on this page. Go to "Mind Games" to find puzzleboxes.
tball.gif 1.7 K R&A Media, Inc. Detailed schematics for a 5 step and 32 step puzzle box. Make your own puzzlebox!
tball.gif 1.7 K Puzzle World Homepage Great place to look for puzzles, boxes or otherwise. Go to "Puzzle Catagories" then "Take Apart Puzzles".
tball.gif 1.7 KMade In Colorado On-line Aspen Wood Puzzleboxes.
tball.gif 1.7 KEnchanted World of Boxes Hand-crafted boxes made of linden wood in the Tatra Mountains of Poland.
tball.gif 1.7 KCosta Rican Puzzleboxes Puzzleboxes in various shapes. I like the "Worm in the Apple".
tball.gif 1.7 KThe Game Preserve An online game store with a puzzlebox page.
tball.gif 1.7 KSpilbury Puzzle Co.An online puzzle store.
tball.gif 1.7 KLivewire Wire disentanglent puzzles. "All of our puzzles are hand-made and tested to ensure that each works smoothly."
tball.gif 1.7 KRob's Puzzle pages archive - Puzzel pagina's . Hundreds of links to hundreds of different type of puzzles

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