Puzzlebox Gallery
This an updated picture of my collection. I will add descriptions soon.

My Collection
Sorry about the picture quality. It's the cameraman not the camera.
(clockwise from top left) * Ribbon Box by Akio Kamei * Round Box by Howard Griffiths * Pentagon Box by Akio Kamei * Octagon Box by Akio Kamei * 7-step box, artist unknown * Traditional 7-step box with hidden drawer, artist unknown (see below) * 7-step box inlaid with Yosegi woodcraft, artist unknown * Traditional 5-step box, artist unknown.
Round Box found at The Wood Gallery in Newport, Oregon. The bottom right and left boxes were found in a local swapmeet for $5. each (see below). The rest were purchased through Bits & Pieces mail order catalog (1-800-JIGSAWS).

Do You Know The Artist?
Can anyone help me to identify the Artist who made these boxes? I bought these in a local swapmeet for $5 a piece! They look to be 10 to 30 years old, both 4"x6"x2+". The left hand one is a 5-step box and the right one is a 7-step box with a hidden drawer. Both have hand painted picture of a house under Mt. Fuji on the front (one with a boat, other with a bridge) and a flower on the bottom (left one has a bird also). One has the almost obliterated signature of the artist. It's hard to tell but, the whole name may be "Tamata" or "Tamate". Any information (artist, age, worth) will be helpful. Please e-mail me me if you have anything.

Puzzlebox Artisans

Large puzzle outlets like Bit's & Pieces and Puzzlets are excellent places to find puzzleboxes but it's the private craftsmen that keep the Art alive. An unexpected pleasure that has resulted from creating this website has been the opportunity to get to know some of these Artisans. As long as I can afford the webspace, I will be happy to place pictures of anyone who would like to show off their puzzleboxes. Please e-mail me me if you are interested.

Kathleen & Charlie Malcolmson
Cleverwood Crafts
Cleverwood’s puzzle boxes are handcrafted of matched solid hardwoods, some are inlaid with striking wood bandings or exotic veneers. Their boxes feature a classic 12 move Japanese type sliding panel mechanism that has been redesigned to allow it to operate well regardless of changes in humidity.

Go to their website at: http://www.cleverwood.com
email: cleverwood@aol.com


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