A Virtual Walk Through Delaware County, NY

In 1779, responding to increased attacks and harrassments by members of the pro-British Iriquois Federation (also known as the Six Nations), General George Washington ordered a campaign through New Jersey and central New York. The result was the complete collapse of a generations-old Native American confederation and the wide displacement of the New England tribes. Another result was the opening of new lands for white settlers. Having endured the ravages of war themselves, a large contingent of Washington County, NY settlers, including members of Thomas McClaughry's(2.4) family, chose to make a new home in the area that would come to be called Delaware County. At times carving a road through virgin forests to reach it, the settlers forged a thriving community in the Catskill foothills.

map_a Robert H. McLaury's Farm W. Kortright/Kelso Cemetary Ebenezer Rowland's Farm map_b Thomas McClaughry's (3.4) grave Old Stone House Gilchrist Presbyterian Church Gilchrist Church Cemetary Thomas McClaughry's (3.4) Farm Braehead Cemetary-John Reid McLaury's (4.24) grave Kortright Center

Delaware County researcher John Culligan recently sent me some photos of points of McClaughry interest. Clicking on any of the 10 blue dots on above map will take you to photos of Delaware County. So get your virtual hiking boots on and enjoy a walk in the country.

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