Family Album

Robert Houston McClaury Robert H. McLaury
Robert Houston McLaury (5.169).
Source: Paul L. Johnson collection. Original photo is owned by the family of May (Applegate) Herrick, pictured below when she was a child.
A bad photocopy of a photo of
Robert Houston McLaury (5.169).
Source: Photocopy from family files.
Location of the original is unknown.
Ebenezer McLaury William Rowland McLaury
Ebenezer Rowland McLaury (6.374).
Original photo on tin-type.
Note the "ghost" image in the upper left.
Source: Parker - Pruitt collection.
William Rowland McLaury (6.379).
Attorney at Law and
Texas Superior Court Judge.
Source: Photocopy from family files.
Location of original is unknown
Robert Winfield McClaurie Robert Winfield McClaurie's family
Robert Winfield McLaurie (7.524) and Heck.
Robert went by his middle name, "Win".
Source: Parker - Pruitt collection.
Win's family.
His wife, Emma and children, Edward
and Evelyn (on the right, my grandmother).
Source: Parker - Pruitt collection.
McLaurie Family

Robert Winfield McLaurie (7.524)
and family showing off "an hours catch"
when they first arrived in Northern Minnesota.
Source: Parker - Pruitt collection.
Two Ed's Applegate daughters
Edward W. McLaurie (8.1019) (right)
and his uncle Edward J. McLaurie (7.523).
Took at New Orleans, La. Jan. 1946.
Source: Parker - Pruitt collection.
May & Maggie Applegate.
Margret McLaury Applegate's (6.375)
grandchildren. Cousins of Win.
Source: Parker - Pruitt collection.
Emma & Peter A lot of women
Emma Knowlen McLaurie (Win's wife) and her brother Peter Knowlen (not yet on the site). Written on back of the photo: "The sun was too bright in my face & I was laughing too much. Peter was telling me he hate to have his picture taken with me because he was so much better looking. Aug. 1947."
Source: Parker - Pruitt collection.
A whole lot of women.
The only one I recognize
is Emma (on stairs, bottom left).
Source: Parker - Pruitt collection.
Ed Carlson
Edward Carlson (My grandfather. Not on the site yet) under the old growth of the Pacific Northwest.
A lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest, he died with his son, William, when their logging truck got stuck on railroad tracks and was hit by a train.
Source: Parker - Pruitt collection.

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